A Place to Write — Finding Inspiration in my Stencilled Office

IMG_3557I miss being in an office. A real, bustling office, where my colleagues run back and forth screaming out breaking news, where we challenge each other to write better and report better, and where, at the end of the day, we walk out of the building, hang up our writer’s hats, and call it a day.

Having my own work space means something different to me today. Having a space of my own to crack my knuckles, nestle into my office chair and begin writing is no longer associated with my former career-bound self. Today, it is intrinsically connected with my ever-striving efforts to stay sane within this crazy world of motherhood.

I have a good friend of mine who is my ideal image of what I thought I would be like as a mother. She was born to do this. From sun up to sun down, she has everything planned out all in the name of her two beautiful children. Forest and zoo adventures, art projects involving marshmellows, and more playgroup dates than I can write about.

The best part about her is that she loves every second of it. She reminds me of my mother. And I will be the first to admit, I envy her like no other for the passion she has toward motherhood.

Truth is, I’m not built like her. Or my mother for that matter. I love Aidan. And I love raising him. And though I was first saddened to realise that I may not be cut out for the demands of being a full-time mother,  I have since embraced the discovery that being away from Aidan makes me a better mother. And I don’t mean in the sense of being an absent mother. I’m referring to my writing. When I’m writing. I’m away.

That’s why this room is so important. When we moved into our home, I made it a point of having a writing room. Not an office, but a space where I could be alone with my thoughts.

It’s my man cave.

After I finished my kitchen wall, I decided to continue practicing my wall stencilling and try out a new pattern. My kitchen wall had a Moroccan design, and so for my office wall I stepped it up a notch and picked out a Damask stencil, like this one by cuttingedgestencils.

Damask-stenciled-foyerPretty cool, huh? The damask stencils are more complicated by design. Lots and lots of details. But I went for it. I figured I may as well challenge myself while putting together my space. And so I began…


Probably not the best of pictures, but I decided to paint the entire office a soft green, and then stencil the Damask design on with white. Again, just to try something different. I won’t lie, it was a lot of work. And if I had to repeat it all, I would probably force myself to stick with using white as my base colour. But once I began, there was no turning back.

One coat of green paint, and a long few days of stencilling later, I had finished my walls.

IMG_3576I think what I love most about this room is that it’s warm. It’s the kind of warmth I need to feel inspired. To feel challenged. To feel time stand still, so that I can simply sit, in silence with my thoughts, only hearing the soft tapping of the keyboard.

And what a beautiful sound it is.

Once the room was complete, I went about adding a few bits and pieces to make sure I was bringing everything into the room that I needed to make it my space.

A corner plant, soft curtains, and a few throw pillows.

IMG_3547Not a bad start. Next up, I added two handmade Japanese lanterns I made for our wedding. Nothing says inspiration like the happiest day of your life.

IMG_3539And lastly, my mother’s Japanese porcelain statues. One of my earliest memories as a child was of looking at these two beautiful pieces. I actually wanted to look like the woman in the statue. I still do:)


Ah. Peace and quiet. Nothing beats it, especially after a very long week of Aidan-ness. To come into this room and recharge in whatever way I need, be it writing or web-browsing my latest project/food ideas — absolute bliss.


To all parents out there needing to find their place. Search for it, embrace it, make it yours…and then do a little happy dance to congratulate yourself.

You deserve it.


5 thoughts on “A Place to Write — Finding Inspiration in my Stencilled Office

  1. The shade of green you selected for “your space” is beyond soothing as is the white stencils on top of it….

    I never would have thought of the darker color first but you’ve inspired me now advice been wondering how to incorporate shades of green just like yours within out own home.

    Me and my husband love this shade here; the bone you used… Now to put on my thinking cap 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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