Stairway to Stencilling — My First “Practice Client”


Earlier this month I challenged myself. I took on another wall stencilling project, this time in a different home altogether.

I met Jessica through my blog. She contacted me late last year after I had posted my work on my kitchen stencil. A U.S. native herself, Jessica and her French-born husband had recently renovated their two-story home in St. Louis, France, a small town just over the border from Basel. She was looking to bring some colour into her place, particularly on their newly painted white walls. Continue reading

A Place to Write — Finding Inspiration in my Stencilled Office

IMG_3557I miss being in an office. A real, bustling office, where my colleagues run back and forth screaming out breaking news, where we challenge each other to write better and report better, and where, at the end of the day, we walk out of the building, hang up our writer’s hats, and call it a day. Continue reading

A Kitchen in Need – Stencilling 101

photo (15)

I come from a long line of painters. Sounds strange to say aloud, but when I look at my family history, that’s what sticks out.

My grandfather was a custom house painter, as was my uncle. My father spent his youthful summers working with his father, as did my brother. My grandmother in Japan was also a painter, albeit slightly different from my American side in that she preferred oil on canvas and traditional calligraphy. As did my mother. Continue reading