Pumpkin Soup with Goat Cheese & Crispy Sage


Thanksgiving has become my tinker-toy holiday.  Don’t get me wrong – I adore it – but it can be lonely being an American expat during this holiday. No one else, with the exception of the Canadians, celebrate this holiday. And even they mark it several weeks before us.

It’s difficult to plan a day-long culinary extravaganza when you live in a country that doesn’t share the same national holiday. But it’s even more difficult to get into the Thanksgiving swing of things when few others share in the excitement of this culinary celebration. Continue reading

Pulled Pork Fajitas


Pulled Pork Tacos – Saved by the Slow Cooker

I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m not a huge fan of the slow cooker. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an absolute Godsend for those on a time crunch. In the first few months after Aidan was born, it was my go-to kitchen appliance. I used it for soups, for scalloped potatoes, for stews, you name it. Chuck whatever you can find in the fridge, set it for 5-6 hours, and be on your way. One-stop pot, one-stop cleanup. Worked for me.

As time passed, however, I grew weary of it. Mostly because I was finding that recipes you would normally make over the stove top or oven lost a bit of their flavor when substituted with the slow cooker. Continue reading